Guild of Instructors

Teaching the D'ni Language since 2008

shokhootahn Rehn

gahro nahvah, telokh shokhootahntee

(Grand Master, Guild of Instructors)

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shokhootahn Rehn

KI# 3208921


In November of 2007, Cate Alexander decided that there was an insufficient return on her investment in the restoration of Díni, resigned from the Díni Restoration Council (the DRC) and withdrew her funding of the DRC.† The remaining members of the DRC left the cavern and headed back to the surface in search of new funding resources.† With the DRC unable to procure new funding sources, the cavern was closed in April of 2008.† The explorer community went into exile.

Many explorers decided to form a community and settle in Second Life.† Members of the Bevin to which I belonged, Tsahnoís Bevin (then known as Taymaís Bevin) decided to migrate to the lands of Second Life as well.† Other groups, including members of the Díni Linguistics Fellowship (the DLF) put their activities on hold while waiting for word on how long the exile might last.

It was obvious that we needed community-wide activities in order to keep the dream alive.† Many rose to that challenge.† Some built community areas within Second Life as tributes to Myst, Díni and Cyan (such as the Eder Gira and Eder DíUru sims).† Others perpetuated their in-cavern activities in Second Life, such as the Continuous Cavern City Party, Uru Karaoke.† As for me, I continued hosting Story Night in Tsahnoís Bevin.† Still, with all the distractions that Second Life has to offer, I wanted to provide moreÖ

I had long since been interested in the Díni language.† I spent numerous hours perusing the DLF web site and their dictionary page, eventually teaching myself the Díni language.† I have always been a fan of the adage that if you really want to learn something, teach it to someone else!† And so, I began teaching in November of 2008, first in Second Life, then to the explorers in

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While teaching the advanced (Díni 201) class in March of 2009, I remembered the adage of learning by teaching, and decided to offer that opportunity to the students taking the 201 class at that time: the opportunity to teach.


And so, the Guild of Instructors was born!† We can be found roaming the cavern.† All of us have avatars with the first name of shokhootahn ó ďinstructor.Ē